Friday, October 30, 2009

how Healthy skin is the foundation of a successful tan?

Healthy skin is the foundation of a successful tan. Indoor tanning lotions are designed to provide critical moisture to skin before and after tanning. The

healthier your skin, the longer you keep the tan; this allows you to build upon your foundation tan to get a deeper, darker tan. Dry skin flakes away your

tan layer by layer. Indoor tanning lotions provide you with the deep, constant moisture your skin needs during the tanning process. Most tanning lotions

have important vitamins and ingredients to help you extend your tan. People who avoid using tanning products will not get the extra moisture or a stable

tan since tanning tends to dry the skin; they will lose their tan more quickly between sessions, due to dry skin flaking away. A Special Note:Consumers

may not be getting the indoor tanning products that they think they are when they purchase them through unauthorized outlets like discount websites,

local flea markets or non-tanning outlets. Outdated, discontinued, damaged and tampered-with products are often the products that are diverted into

these outlets. Professional tanning products should be recommended by a qualified indoor tanning specialist to insure proper use. Indoor tanning

products have unique ingredients that should be used only as directed to ensure the finest tan possible.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Benefits of an Airbrush Tan

The most foolproof method of sunless tanning is the airbrush tan. Airbrush tanning goes on perfectly and maintains a smooth, even tanned look from barely sun kissed to a darker tan. Airbrush tanning is available at most tanning salons, and is FDA-approved.

The benefits of an airbrush tan are many. While sunless tanning sprays and creams can leave streaks or white spots, and airbrush tan covers each area perfectly. An airbrush tan is applied by a trained professional. The tanning solution is ejected in a fine spray or mist through a compressor, very similar to airbrushes used by artists on a canvas. The tanning solution is applied in a very fine layer, allowing it to perfectly cover the skin in small detail. The tanning solution is immediately visible, and continues to enhance as the spray reacts with your skin to create a darker pigment in your skin. The tan can be as light or dark as you want. For more information about tanning brush and benefits of an airbrush tan click here

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sunless Tanning Lotion

There are many things to consider when choosing tanning lotions. First decide what you are looking for. There are tanning lotions to protect your skin while outdoors; there are tanning lotions to help deepen your tan while using a tanning bed; there are tanning lotions to give you a tan without being exposed to direct sunlight. Tanning lotions are specifically formulated for certain situations, so don’t use the same one for every purpose.

When you are outside exercising, you can find tanning lotions that are long-lasting and will not rub away with sweat or water. Or if you are sun tanning outside, there are many tanning lotions to help deepen your tan. Some of these lotions will offer a minimal amount of protection for your skin as well. For more information about tanning lotion and sunless tanning lotion click here

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Effect of Sun Tanning

Your skin tans when it comes in contact with ultraviolet light. In response to its exposure to UV light, the skin reacts by secreting melanin. Melanin is your body’s way of protecting you from sunburn.

Getting a sunburn in NOT good for you. It is a misconception that one must burn before they get a tan or that a burn is part of the normal process of tanning. For more information about sun tanning and sun tanning effects click here

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cleansing and Body tanning

"Health-wise, cleansing plays a very important role."

Pollution is everywhere; unhealthy foods and irregular diet are just some of the many factors that will cause harm to a person’s body. Cleaning the body thoroughly is a must to help protect one’s body from these factors. There are already vast treatments and products of different cleansers available. Some of these are the following.

Facial cleanser is a common enough cleanser used of course for the face.

The face is very important. It is what another person first looks at when meeting. It is essential to keep it clean to prevent acne or pimples and other facial skin problems. This type of cleanser will help wash off dirt and bacteria from your face keeping it healthy and smooth.

Another important part that should be cleansed is the body. Body cleansing otherwise called detoxification can help cleanse one’s body. It helps get rid those accumulated substances that can cause harm to the body. With a cleansed body, the body will be able to counter from the variety of common illnesses such as allergies, colitis, acne, Crohn’s disease and others, thus improving the health. It is not necessarily a cure but it will help the body to regain its balance and perform properly.

For more infomation about body tanning and cleansing click here

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Does Tanning Bed Bulbs Quality matters ?

It appears that many people are so busy with work, school, and life in general that they do not have the time that is required to sit down outside and tan in the natural sun. They can always do without this - but no one desires to stand out among the crowd with super white skin.

Instead they wish for the dark skin that assists to proportion out their skin color and give them an exotic look. The tanning bed is their next best alternative for obtaining a tan that will remain longer then a couple of days or a month. They are also able to give you the tan that you want in less time then the natural sun.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

How to Buy a Tanning Bed for Your Home

If you take tanning seriously, buying a tanning bed for your home is a smart way to invest in a deep, natural tan—without tan lines! There are home tanning beds for every budget and every body, so when you invest in a tanning bed, you will know you are getting exactly what you need.

Why should you tan at home? First of all, it’s easy! Instead of finding a tanning salon that meets your financial and hygienic requirements, you can order a tanning bed online and be tanning daily within just a few days! Tanning at home is private. You don’t have to worry about how you look or what to wear or who you’ll see at the tanning salon. And you don’t have to worry about remembering to lock the door! Tanning at home is convenient. You can tan in the middle of the night, on a holiday, right before a date. You get to decide when you want to tan—24/7. Tanning at home is economical. Instead of paying for expensive tanning packages that may expire before you get to use them, you can find tanning beds at a low monthly cost. And over the life of your tanning bed, just think of the money you’ll save by not paying tanning salons to cover their rental, cleaning, and employment costs!

It is easy to care for your tanning bed, and tanning beds arrive at your door about 95% assembled. You can find tanning beds that have anywhere from a simple, smaller model with 16 lamps all the way up to standing tanning booths with almost 50 lamps. The options are limitless. You can even find used or model beds to help reduce your costs.

There are many places to find the right tanning bed for your home. Opt for the convenience, the cleanliness, and the right cost for you home by choosing the tanning perfect tanning bed for your home.

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